Security & Compliance

Security is our #1 priority.

We know that for legal data, there is no higher priority than security and compliance. We are proud to have built our software on a secure foundation since our inception.

We employ multiple, redundant layers of security, from Amazon's high-security datacentres, to bank-grade encryption, to a suite of prevention, detection and response tools.

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Your Data is Under Your Control

Your data is your data. You may remove or export your data from the platform at any time, with one simple service request. You retain all rights to your data, and Rally cannot use your data for any other purposes without your express permission.

Other Ways We keep your data Safe

Security and Compliance Features

We keep your data safe and your operations compliant in numerous ways, here are a few more.

Resilient & Redundant

Our storage and server infrastructure is highly resilient and redundant. Your data is hosted on a multi-node database cluster and backed up every 6 hours. Our API and frontend layers are highly available and instantly scalable.

High Security Data Centres

Our data is hosted in Amazon Web Services' (AWS) high security data centres. Employing measures from armed guards to biometric scanners, it's no wonder AWS is trusted by the CIA.


Defense In-Depth

A successful security program requires multiple redundant layers of security. From our corporate policies and training, to security engineering, to encryption and monitoring - we employ many moats around your data.


CCPA Compatible

If you're a firm in California, we have your bases covered. Rally will enable your firm to operate in full compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act.


PIPEDA Compliant

If you're a firm in Canada, we are fully compatible with your compliance requirements. Rally is fully compatible with PIPEDA and all other Canadian regulations applicable to law firms.

Corporate Security

Security is not just about tools and infrastructure - it starts with people and culture. Security is built into the fabric of Rally's corporate culture and policies.

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