The Premier Guide to Implementing Legal Subscription Billing at Your Law Firm

There's been a shift away from the billable hour in law. In a recent survey by Altman Weil, 62.4% of lawyers were found to be moving towards alternative fee arrangements. Subscription billing models help your firm adjust to an evolving landscape and, in the process, become more profitable.

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Here's What's Inside

How to start offering subscriptions

We give the complete run-down on how to start offering subscription plans at your law firm.

Marketing tactics to get your new services in front of clients

Learn strategies and best practices to help you promote your subscription services.

The ethics behind offering subscriptions

We cover the ethics of billing for subscriptions and provide case studies from lawyers in the field.

How to start offering subscription plans

We list the tools you need and the systems to put in place to start streamlining a subscription-style offering.

How to scale your subscription law business

By shifting to a business model that rewards you for efficiency, you can exponentially scale your services delivered, profits, and client satisfaction.

Getting the help you need to shift your practice

We go over low-cost ways to find the help you need to overcome the workload of changing your practice.

Start growing your firm with our playbook

This book works hard. Start offering alternative fee arrangements and leave the feast-or-famine cycle for good.

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