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Rally Partners with LawPay, The Biggest Name in Online Legal Payments

September 28, 2020

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Building a payment platform is tough. Building the gold-standard for online legal payments that lawyers across North America trust is a huge accomplishment.

LawPay has done just that, and we’re proud to officially announce that LawPay is now integrated into the Rally experience.

Relied on by over 50,000 lawyers doing business online, LawPay is the most trusted brand in the industry. Through this partnership lawyers using our platform are now able to collect payments directly through Rally. 

This makes our platform a more seamless end-to-end solution, especially while working with clients from a distance.

Our Chief Experience Officer, Matt Mayers—along with our talented development team—has been working closely with the team at LawPay to integrate their services into Rally.

In Matt’s words:

“Rally's partnership with LawPay has allowed us to further reduce friction between legal service providers and their clients. With seamless payment integration, our customers can now sell services directly from their websites. 

Their clients are happier than ever knowing that state-of-the-art technology is being used to make their lives easier.”

You can read more about this partnership on LawPay's website.


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