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Rally Integrates with Calendly to Further Improve the Client Experience

June 4, 2021

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We’ve integrated with Calendly! Clients of law firms using Rally can now book meetings with their lawyers directly from Rally's client portal.

Now, you can include a link in the Client Portal that allows clients to book consultations or meetings with you and your firm. We recommend using Calendly but we can link to any bookings page you use.

Have clients book a meeting right from the Rally Client Portal.

This is a big step towards Rally's vision of the ultimate client experience for law. With this integration, clients are much more seamlessly able to book time with their lawyers - avoiding back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

At the same time, lawyers are more easily able to help their clients and build meaningful relationships.

Booking a meeting pop-up when integrating with Calendly.

We can also customize the page your clients see after completing a questionnaire to include your meeting booking link. This enables you to configure a workflow that encourages clients to book a consultation right after they submit their information. Never again go into another consultation without all the information you need!

Learn how we can help you set up your Calendly/Meeting Booking Integration


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