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Increasing Our Focus on Client Experience

April 15, 2020

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Our team has applied a fresh coat of paint to the Rally website, but that's not because we've had nothing else to do!

After listening to countless lawyers, paralegals and their clients over the past couple years, we've learned that the most valuable aspect of our product is not what we initially believed it was.

Rally began by building intelligence and automation features - automating routine and monotonous work. What we've now heard is that our customers are excited, first and foremost, about enhancing their client experience.

After all, what is the point of being on the leading edge of technology, if the technology is hidden behind closed doors, and your clients don't get to appreciate the benefits firsthand?

"Client experience", to us, means everything that a client experiences from intake, to their requests, to communication, redlining and information retrieval. The age of software has raised the bar on what clients expect in each of these interactions.

Client experience is extremely important to our customers because it drives the attraction and retention of business.

Intelligence and automation will continue to be an extremely important aspect of our longterm roadmap, but we have chosen to prioritize client experience, and to visibly demonstrate that through our new website.

In our minds, an enhanced client experience means bringing the legal user experience up to today's digital service delivery standards, in the same direction that many other services have shifted. That means offering clients:

  • Access to their information 24/7
  • Online collaboration
  • A single, shared source of truth for ongoing matters
  • Self-service for monotonous and routine requests
  • Predictable billing and billing transparency
  • Predictable turnaround times
  • Intelligent routing of information and notifications to the correct parties
  • Electronic signatures
  • Self-service educational material

And of course, it also means servicing clients efficiently, with high quality outputs and competitive rates. Rally's core automation functionality will continue to enhance this part of both the client and legal team experience.

We're really looking forward to continuing to collaborate with our customers in creating the ultimate legal collaboration platform.


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